What Would You Say to a Driver That Hit You and Drove Away?

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For many of us it’s a scenario that is hard to wrap our heads around.  The mindset of a person who runs down another human being and then drives off is hard to fathom.  Unfortunately as Colorado Springs accident lawyers, it is a scenario we see far too often.  Hit-and-runs not only rob people of the justice they deserve, often they are robbed of the immediate medical attention that they desperately need.  So if you were the victim of a hit-and-run, what would you say to the careless driver?

A Colorado Springs cyclist got the chance to speak his mind after recently being involved in a hit-and-run accident.  Days after the near-fatal wreck, he was interviewed by Channel 11 News.  “It’s the way you handle your mistakes that shows what kind of person you are.  Step up and admit that you made a mistake. You did something in error and you’re not willing to accept what you did.”  This call to action is directed at the driver that hit him from behind near downtown Colorado Springs and fled the scene.

The outlook of the injured cyclist is actually a fairly positive one considering the circumstances.  He seems more adamant about thinking about all the people that rushed to help him as opposed to the one that ran away.  “There was one bad person but four that stopped to help a stranger, so there was good and bad out of the whole thing.”

Colorado Springs police continue to hunt for the driver of a white sedan with a blue top responsible for the accident.  We hope they’re found, and the cyclist gets the chance to deliver his powerful message in person.

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