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According to a recent report published in The Gazette, vehicular crashes in Colorado Spring have risen by nearly 12 percent in the last five years. 2013 was an especially bad year for crashes as there were nearly a thousand more that year than in 2012. The good news is the study also found conditions which have contributed the most to these crashes. In this way, you can better avoid becoming a statistic.

Three things were taken into account in the study. First, the study looked at the most common locations for crashes. Interstate 25 at East Woodmen Road accounted for the most crashes in 2013 with 148 of the city’s 9,716 crashes happening at this location. All of the Top 5 crash locations were along I-25, and six out of the Top 10 were along this interstate. Of course, it is not always practical to avoid Interstate 25, but this information allows drivers to know being extra cautious along Interstate 25 is important.

The study also looked at the most common time for crashes. Friday, with 1,588 wrecks, was the most common day for crashes. Most of these automobile accidents happened between noon and 6 p.m. For many people, this is the time when they are coming home from work and getting ready for the weekend. Perhaps the rush to get home leads to less focus on safety while heading home.

Age of drivers was the third factor studied. Not surprisingly, young, inexperienced drivers accounted for the largest number of wrecks with drivers 16 to 25 accounting for nearly 30 percent of Colorado Springs’ wrecks. Spencer Pace, a director of training for MasterDrive, Inc., a local driving school, said:

“Even with driving schools, six hours of hands-on training is not enough. Parents really have to be accountable and spend enough time teaching and driving with their teens.”

Of course, the study found it is not just teens and young adults causing traffic accidents. No matter the age of the driver, distractions such as cell phones and adjusting the radio as well as impaired driving are also huge causes of accidents. Paying attention while you are driving and adjusting your driving to accommodate road and weather conditions may also help you avoid wrecks.

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