Pedestrians & Car Accidents

Pedestrians Have Their Own Responsibilities in Avoiding Accidents

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In the past, we’ve often discussed pedestrian accidents.  Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on our roadways because when they’re involved in an auto accident, they will almost certainly suffer serious injuries.  That’s why the state goes to great lengths to provide sidewalks and crosswalks, so that motorists and pedestrians can coexist without any issues.


Unfortunately, those accidents still take place.  In most cases, the pedestrian actually had the right-of-way, and the motorist is at fault.  Motorists are expected to be on the lookout for people who are walking or running, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still have responsibilities as a pedestrian.

You can still be held accountable for carelessness, and that’s exactly what happened in a recent Colorado Springs accident.  Earlier this month, two pedestrians were hit by a car while crossing the street at the intersection of Boychuk Ave and Hancock Expressway.  The couple was injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated.

The driver that hit them wasn’t found to be responsible for the accident, however, and avoided citation.  It was the couple that found themselves on the wrong side of the law and along with their injuries were given tickets for illegally crossing the roadway.  As a pedestrian, you always want to make sure that you’re following every roadside law because you could find yourself not only hurt, but in trouble as well.

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We want you to be safe on the road whether you’re a motorist or a pedestrian.  Still, accidents will happen, but if that accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay.  The financial price of an accident can be astronomical and can follow you for a long time.  Let Heuser & Heuser fight to keep that burden off your shoulders.

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