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Colorado Springs: Did Your Car Roll Over During a Crash?

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The Colorado Springs Gazette recently reported two accidents that occurred within a couple of hours of each other and involved vehicles flipping or rolling over. In one of the accidents, a driver had to be hospitalized, fortunately without life-threatening injuries.

Although for our own peace of mind we like to imagine that vehicles are sturdy and stay upright, the fact is, they can rollover relatively easily. Some rollovers are caused by vehicle destabilization; for instance, a car making a sharp turn can flip over and land on its side or on its top. Other times, a collision with an object (e.g. another vehicle or a highway barrier) is the primary cause of a rollover. Destabilization and external collision can also combine to topple your car.

Certain vehicles, such as minivans and sports utility vehicles (SUVs), are generally more susceptible to rollovers. Other contributing factors include speed and uneven terrain. These kinds of accidents can be devastating, especially if the driver and passengers aren’t restrained by a seat belt; according to a report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, close to 75% of vehicle occupants killed in rollover crashes weren’t using restraints. People involved in these accidents may also find themselves struggling with critical injuries to the brain and spine, or debilitating fractures and lacerations to other parts of their body.


Rollovers can also lead to chain reaction crashes. A vehicle that flips over several times could collide with other vehicles and with pedestrians using the road. People who weren’t even involved in the initial impact or situation that caused the crash get swept up in it, sustaining costly injury and property damage.

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