Careless Driver Causes Accident and Floods Neighborhood

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Last weekend utility workers arrived in a Colorado Springs neighborhood where a veritable river of rushing water was flooding the streets.  It came after a hit-and-run accident on Montebello Drive and goes to show just how much destruction can be caused by one reckless driver.  In this case, the accident may have simply been more inconvenient than life-threatening, but as accident attorneys in Colorado Springs, we know that careless individuals will always pose a threat.

The accident occurred a few hours after midnight on Saturday of last weekend.  Apparently a driver lost control of his car and smashed into a fire hydrant.  The hydrant was ripped from the ground leaving a sizable sinkhole and flooding the streets.  The driver fled the scene on foot because he certainly wasn’t going anywhere in his car.  The vehicle was stuck headfirst in the sinkhole with its front completely submerged and the rear of the car sticking straight up in the air.

And there was a lot of water, too.  It was enough to flood a nearby home.  Fortunately, no one was living there at the time of the wreck.  Ultimately, the entire block had to be roped off and shutdown while crews worked to clean up the water and repair the massive sinkhole.

The driver may have run away, but he couldn’t hide for long.  His abandoned vehicle left a huge piece of evidence in the middle of the crime scene, and he was captured just hours after the accident.  He was cited for a long list of charges among them being careless driving.  The water will be cleaned up, but the charges will likely stick around for a lot longer.

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No one was injured when the man hit the fire hydrant, and that’s a reason to be thankful.  However, the truth is that it could have been much worse and often is.  Heuser & Heuser are here to help if you or a loved one have been injured in a Colorado Springs accident. Our lawyers have the experience to fight for the money you deserve. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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