The increased danger of summer driving for teens

Now that summer is here and more teens will be off from school and driving around, it’s especially important to face some sobering facts about road safety. Not only are motor vehicle accidents the leading cause of death for teenagers; in the summer, there’s an estimated 26% spike in the already high rate of vehicular accidents among teens, according to data from the AAA.

The AAA in general has called the time period from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend the “100 Deadliest Days” to reflect the elevated risk of accidents – and with it, the greater chance of death and injury on the road.

Recently, Today.com ran an article highlighting Alexa’s Hugs, a nonprofit that urges young drivers to buckle up and follow other safe practices on the road. The organization is named after a 19-year-old Colorado driver who died in an accident after her vehicle flipped over and she was ejected from it. At the time, she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

Her father and stepmother started the organization as a way to channel their grief towards a good cause and prevent tragic outcomes for other people on the road. Their organization has received praise for saving lives, because even though buckling up takes only a few seconds and significantly reduces the risk of fatal or permanent injury, too many drivers neglect this basic step.

As Colorado Springs car accident attorneys, we come across many accidents involving teens, and we urge young drivers and their parents to take road safety seriously. Buckle up, put away your mobile device, follow traffic laws and turn your full attention to the road.

If need be, you can contact us after an accident. Just remember that even if you do experience an accident, wearing your seat belt and adopting other safe practices on the road will lower your chances of dying or suffering permanent life-altering injuries. Don’t neglect your safety.