We urge bicyclists to abide by traffic laws

Recently in Colorado Springs, a bicyclist suffered severe injuries after getting struck on the road. According to local news reports, the chain of events leading to the collision went into motion when the bicyclist ran a stop sign. One vehicle that he encountered didn’t hit him, but when he swerved onto another street, he collided with a different vehicle.

We don’t know all the details of the accident, and more information may emerge after further investigation. However, this remains an opportunity to urge bicyclists and other vulnerable road users to abide by traffic laws.

Bicyclists often coexist uneasily with motor vehicles. Motor vehicle drivers may not see them or may engage in dangerous behavior around them, such as crowding them or speeding in close proximity to them. Because bicyclists and other vulnerable road users, such as skateboarders, motorcyclists and pedestrians, lack the protective shell of a vehicle around their body, they have a slimmer chance of surviving a collision with a motor vehicle or emerging from it with only minor injuries.

At the same time, bicyclists need to do what they can to ensure their own safety by complying with traffic laws. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that as a bicyclist or a pedestrian the road rules also apply to you. But it’s crucial that you get in the mindset of following traffic laws. If you don’t, the consequences may be dire. In addition to sustaining serious injuries yourself, you may endanger other people on the road. For example, a driver who has to swerve out of the way to avoid you may wind up crashing into another vehicle or going off the road.

Bicyclists may be found at least partially at fault for a given accident, depending on how they behaved on the road. Your share in the fault affects your ability to pursue an injury claim in situations that may warrant legal action; it also affects the amount of money you may obtain as compensation for your injuries or damage to your property.

In the aftermath of a crash, don’t hesitate to contact experienced Colorado Springs injury lawyers. But we also urge you to do your part to lower the risk of an accident on the road. Both motor vehicle drivers and vulnerable road users need to abide by traffic laws and remain vigilant while traveling.