Will Bike Trail Improvements Help Prevent Future Accidents?

Are you an avid bike rider?  If you are, you may have noticed that there are some trails around Colorado Springs that could use some work.  Well, last week leaders in the city geared up for a 20-mile bike ride to tour bike paths from the Garden of the Gods to the Sinton Trail.

It happened to coincide with National Bike to Work Day, but there was serious business being done.  According to a Springs City Council Administrator, “We have an extensive trail system in Colorado Springs and I think a lot of times we don’t know what connects to what and what’s out there and so we got to see a lot of the issues in terms of trails.”

Safety while biking is incredibly important, so it’s good to see the issue is being addressed by city officials.  Finding funding for the improvements won’t be easy, though.  Most of the funding is coming from the Conservation Trust Fund, but the city is prioritizing things like storm water infrastructure.  Hopefully the trails won’t go neglected for long.  The City Council Administrator continues, “Trail infrastructure is really important. It’s really valued by the citizens of Colorado Springs and we’d like to do what we can to help.”

So where does this leave you as a rider?  You can keep certainly keep riding, but you’ll want to be careful.  There is constant trail maintenance by the city, but it may not be enough.  Do what you can to protect yourself by keeping your eyes open and wearing appropriate safety gear.

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