Car slams into house near Whip Trail

Colorado Springs Neighborhood Wants Action After Fatal Speeding Accident

A neighborhood in Colorado Springs is reeling after a deadly accident occurred last Tuesday night.  They are outraged, and they have every reason to be – a senseless accident has taken a child’s life and nearly killed a father as well.

The father and his young son were walking down the street last week when they were struck by a speeding driver.  The driver is being charged with vehicular homicide and vehicle assault, but neither of those charges is going to take away the heartache the community is feeling.

According to reports, she ran off the road and struck a boulder before colliding with the family.  The driver must have been driving at an incredible rate of speed because the boulders she hit were pushed onto the sidewalk.  These aren’t just little rocks either.  They could weigh as much as 600lbs.

While the accident is an unfathomable tragedy, some in the area weren’t exactly surprised.  Speeding has long been an issue in that part of town with drivers taking corners at over 60mph.  A terrible accident was bound to happen eventually.

The woman responsible will likely serve a lengthy jail sentence, but the community doesn’t just want justice… they want action.

Now those in the neighborhood are calling on officials to do something to prevent similar tragic accidents.  While they wait for the city to act, they are remembering the young child who lost his life by building a small memorial in his honor.  Since it was put in place the community has already covered it in flowers and stuffed animals.

Greg Dingrando, July 09, 2014.