Have You Been the Victim of Vehicular Assault?

Some accidents that take place in our state go beyond just negligence.  Some can be considered malicious.  These accidents mean that criminal charges might follow and vehicular assault falls into this category.  Just last week a single-vehicle wreck occurred in downtown Colorado Springs, and the driver is facing vehicular assault charges.

According to reports, the woman was driving west on East Platte Avenue when she lost control of her vehicle.  The car smashed into a crash barrier and both of the people inside the car were seriously injured.  Now the driver has been booked on traffic-related charges including vehicular assault.

This charge often comes when the driver has been drinking and driving, but what are the general elements of vehicular assault in our state?

  • Vehicular assault is considered if a person in the state of Colorado operated a motor vehicle in a reckless manner while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.  This action then leads to the serious bodily injury of another person.


  • Vehicular assault as a result of recklessness is considered a Class 5 felony.  This could carry a punishment of six months to six years in prison, two years of parole, and may also include fines between $1000 and $100,000.


  • Vehicular assault as a result of DUI is considered a Class 4 felony.  This could carry a 1 to 12 year prison sentence, mandatory parole of three years, and may include fines between $2000 and $500,000.  In these cases, harmful intent does not have to be proven.  All that has to be established is that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the injury accident.

As injury lawyers in Colorado Springs we believe that those that commit vehicular assault and cause injuries, should have to pay damages to their victims.

Do you need a Colorado Springs Attorney for a Vehicular Assault?

Whether the person who hurt you spends time in jail is up to the court.   Heuser & Heuser wants to make sure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.  Contact a Colorado Springs attorney for vehicular assault to learn more.

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