Almost Half of All Colorado Springs Wrecks Are Rear End Accidents

Drive Smart Colorado data indicates that 41 percent of the car crashes in Colorado Springs from January to May of this year were caused by drivers following too closely to the car in front of them. This equals more than 1,600 accidents. According to an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado State Trooper Josh Lewis says the figure equals 1,600 accidents that could have all been prevented.

Tailgaters should slow down and allow more space between themselves and the cars in front of them, Lewis said. The recommended distance between two cars should be 2-3 seconds, according to the article. Likewise, drivers who are being tailgated should look for opportunity to pull over and allow the car behind them to pass.

Rear end accidents are on the rise throughout all of El Paso County, the article noted. In 2013, there were 4,000 rear end crashes in the county, compared to 3,200 in 2010.

Do you need legal help after being injured in a rear end accident?

The Colorado Springs car accident lawyers at Heuser & Heuser, LLP, know that the injuries from rear end accidents can be far more serious than they initially appear. Whiplash — which is injury to the soft tissues of the neck caused by an abnormal motion such as that of a driver who has been hit from behind — can be severe enough to cause lasting pain or even permanent disability, particularly if nerve damage or injury to the ligament or disc is present.

If you’re injured in a rear end collision, allow medical professionals to see you in order to ensure that your injuries are not more severe than you initially believe. For assistance pursuing the compensation you need to help you with medical bills and your chances at a full recovery, contact us.