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What Kind of Damages Can You Collect After a Deadly Car Accident?

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Financial Damages

Many people who file wrongful death suits for losing a loved one in a car accident cite financial losses as one of the main damages. In some cases, it relates just to expenses like medical or funeral bills. These can already add up to thousands of dollars that could put financial hardships on the next-of-kin, regardless if they have a regular income.

It can sometimes mean a complete financial loss due to the person who died being the main financial supporter of the family. Due to this lack of income, you can sue for damages related to the lost financial support now and in the future.

When you’re married, you also may have certain pension benefits and medical coverage that will be taken away if your spouse died in the car accident. This can disrupt a life in devastating ways financially, especially when loss of medical coverage can mean major debt if you need medical treatment for injuries.

We’ve seen other cases where someone in the family loses out on inheritance money due to the sudden loss of that family member in the accident. This scenario is one of those haunting left turns in life where you think you have everything planned financially, and then the unexpected occurs.

Emotional Damages

You might think suing over emotional damages wouldn’t be allowable in wrongful death suits. But you can definitely sue over the loss of someone close to you if they provided an emotional support for many years. In the case of children, the loss of a parent’s care and protection due to the death is the most emotional scenario of all. A spouse, also, can cite loss of companionship and emotional support. Even the more generalized experience of grief can be cited in the suit as a viable form of why you deserve compensation.

Punitive damages is another option when it’s proven that the person who caused the accident did it willfully. It’s possible to gain punitive damages here in Colorado, though it has to be proven to the court that deterrence of an individual can be successful through the punitive damage process.

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