Car Wreck Attorneys Can Help You With Punitive Damages

If you’ve had a car accident involving injuries, working with Colorado Springs car wreck attorneys is going to be imperative in order to gain compensation from a driver at fault. While we have an excellent track record of being successful in that arena, sometimes suing for more deliberate acts in car accidents can gain you further justice. In those cases, punitive damages could be in the cards. Regardless, it has to be carefully defined here in Colorado. When you know that another driver willfully did something to cause your accident, we’ll seek punitive damages based on the available evidence.

How Are Punitive Damages Defined Here in Colorado?

The definition of how punitive damages work are going to be based on how willful the car accident was. A jury may determine this during your trial based on what a willful and wanton act is. In Colorado law, that’s usually defined as someone who does something they know was wrong and could have been been prevented. Far too many car accidents are the result of someone taking a chance when they know it was a reckless move. Examples can be running a red light or attempting to make a turn across lanes when they shouldn’t.

Punitive damages are helped along when proper evidence is shown that undeniably shows the action of the person who did the car accident. It’s one reason why we encourage anyone in a car accident to contact us immediately so we can acquire compelling evidence of the accident scene. This includes photographs and other physical evidence. We may even be able to acquire video footage if traffic cameras or security cameras caught the accident as it happened.

Witnesses, however, can also be used to assure the other person who caused the accident did a willful and reckless act. When witnesses can be reliable, it can mean an even better outcome for punitive damages.

How Much Can You Gain In Punitive Damages?

In Colorado, you won’t be able to gain any more punitive damages compensation than what you received through your initial compensation for damages. That’s due to severe caps placed on punitive damages here in the state.

Nevertheless, it can still add more money you’ll need to pay for medical expenses and other debts as a result of injuries. It’s possible that you’re not able to work either due to your injuries, of which punitive damages against the guilty party will be a major sense of justice on your part.

Here at Heuser & Heuser, LLP we’ll seek out punitive damages for you when the evidence shows it can be done. When a car accident is the result of someone doing something intentionally or just recklessly, you have the legal right to sue when it permanently affects your life.

Contact us so we can review your car accident case and help you gain the compensation you deserve. We’ll help you every step of the way to win, no matter if the person who caused your accident attempts to fight back legally.