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Did a Malfunctioning Traffic Signal Lead to a Crash?

Frequently, car crashes are caused by driver error or negligence. Whether it’s a driver blowing a stop sign or misjudging the amount of speed needed to handle a curve on the road, driver performance plays a significant role in vehicular accidents.

However, in some situations other factors contribute to a crash. They might combine with driver behavior to increase the chances of an accident or, more rarely, serve as the sole cause of an accident. These factors include poor weather and badly maintained roads. They could also involve faulty traffic signals.

Fatal Colorado Springs Accident

Recently in Colorado Springs, a woman and her 10-year-old son died in a car accident when her vehicle collided with a pickup at an intersection. According to local news reports, the traffic signals at the intersection may not have been working properly at the time.

The traffic lights are set up with a ‘rest on red’ organization. This means that all lights remain red until a vehicle approaches the intersection, after which the relevant light turns green for long enough to let the car (or line of cars) pass. The reasoning behind this set-up is that drivers for the most part will slow down at an intersection if they see a red light up ahead, rather than race forward to try to beat a yellow or green light. For this recent crash in Colorado Springs, it isn’t yet clear how the lights were behaving abnormally.

What needs to be investigated?

  • Police and traffic management authorities need to inspect the lights and determine how they were functioning at the time of the crash.
  • A connection then needs to be established between the faulty signal and the crash (the fact that a signal was faulty doesn’t necessarily mean that it contributed significantly to the accident).
  • Even with a possible traffic signal failure, it’s important to look at driver behavior, as drivers may still be at least partly responsible for an accident.

When you contact experienced Colorado Springs accident attorneys after a crash, they will look at what happened from all angles. Along with driver behavior, it’s important to investigate other factors that might have contributed to your accident.