Colorado Springs Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Crash Involving Concrete Truck

Proving a Truck Driver is at Fault for Your Accident Injuries

When a truck hits you while traveling through Colorado Springs, it’s imperative to contact a Colorado Springs truck accident attorney so you can work with a local attorney to prove your side. Accident injuries involving large trucks can be very devastating, which means you may have to seek compensation if your injuries that prevent you from being able to work. Being hit by a truck is almost always going to cause more serious injuries based on the obvious weight comparison to a passenger car. Especially when you’re in a compact car, your injuries could be so great that you’ll never be able to function normally in life.

Seeking compensation is only right in these scenarios. Here at Heuser & Heuser, LLP, we’ve seen many devastating truck accident cases and have a track record of winning cases for our clients. But where does the true evidence come from in proving the truck driver was to blame for your injuries? Some of this comes directly from the truck driver where information can lead to proof of how negligent they were.

Checking Logs from the Trucker

Based on federal law, truckers are only allowed to work for designated hours and days in order to avoid becoming too tired. While there may be arguments that many truckers aren’t getting the sleep they should be getting, the U.S. Department of Transportation has laws that truckers keep logs about their activities.

It’s these logs where we can determine a lot of things about whether the trucker was to blame. There, we’ll be able see if they broke the law and ended up driving longer than they should have, hence causing the accident due to fatigue. In many cases, the trucking company will also be held liable in addition to the driver if the trucker violates those federal guidelines. They’ll additionally be held responsible if the trucker happened to be drinking or was doing drugs.

Other Evidence Proving the Trucker Was in the Wrong

It’s always important that we be called to the scene of the accident so we can gain as much evidence as possible. Anything we find on the accident scene will help your case all the more before everything gets cleaned up or disappears. Security cameras can frequently catch what the truck might have done. However, a lot of evidence could be directly inside the truck.

Some of this evidence may include improperly loaded cargo that happened to shift around in the back of the truck. Or, it could be that the truck wasn’t properly maintained and caused brake failure or a gas pedal to stick. In those cases, the company will be to blame, though the driver could also be held responsible.

The lack of maintenance on a truck can also cause tire blowouts. Or, the driver might have been completely negligent by risking a drive on an icy road and ultimately jackknifing.

Whatever that evidence is, we’ll find it and present your case so that there won’t be any doubt you’re entitled to compensation.

Contact us here at Heuser & Heuser, LLP so we can review your case, or if you’ve just been in a truck accident within the Colorado Springs area. Time is going to be of the essence, and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.