Construction Workers

Recent Construction Zone Accident Raises Concerns

Last weekend, a man lost his life on Interstate 25.  It was a tragic reminder of the dangers that both workers and drivers face around the construction zones that can be found all around Colorado.  We hope such a senseless wreck will help raise awareness and deter future tragedies.

As many of you know an expansion project is underway on I-25.  The expansion is a $66 million dollar project between Monument and Colorado Springs which happens to be one of the area’s most traffic-heavy roads.   Two lanes have been closed down while the work is being done.  Ramps have also been closed and speed limits in work zones have been reduced.  The project, which should be done by the end of August, is in its last stages.  Authorities worry that this is giving some drivers the false sense that they can exceed the posted speed limits.

In the recent construction zone accident, a man swerved into closed lanes and smashed into the back of a construction truck that was putting down cones.  The construction workers made it out without injury, but the driver’s pickup rolled multiple times and ejected him from the vehicle, taking his life.  Now authorities are trying to raise awareness to make sure similar incidents don’t occur.

It’s not the first accident during the expansion.  A construction worker suffered serious injuries to his face when he was struck by a side mirror while picking up cones.  Authorities have words of warning: “Drivers really need to cooperate and obey the speed limits and be very careful when driving in or near construction equipment.”

Drivers not paying attention to their surroundings are the biggest causes of accidents in these instances.  Impatience causes potentially deadly situations, putting everyone from the construction workers to drivers to police at risk.

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Stephen Hobbs, July 28, 2014.