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Can a Stoplight be the Cause of a Colorado Springs Accident?

Residents in a Colorado Springs neighborhood are blaming the stoplight at an intersection for a series of serious accidents.  Just last weekend a mother and her young son lost their lives at Marksheffel and Bradley Road and the terrible tragedy has opened many people’s eyes to the dangers of that particular intersection.


According to representatives with the city, a traffic signal there was malfunctioning at the time of the deadly wreck.  Whether or not this is truly the case is currently being investigated by the Colorado Spring Police Department but many that live nearby have no doubt.

Currently the system in place is called a “rest on red” which means that all four lights remain red until a vehicle approaches.  This was implemented to deter drivers from speeding to try and make it through a light.  According to a city engineer, “The reason why we switched it was exactly because people were trying to run it. They would see the signal from a long distance away, see it had been green for a long time and think I better step on it to make the green light.”

According to one neighbor the “lights change quickly” and that is causing a problem.  The purpose of the “rest on red” system is to get people to slow down, but when they are driving a bit too quick the light change seems very fast and the driver has to stomp on the brakes in order to stop in time.

In the last three years alone there have already been twelve accidents at that intersection.  The most recent just happened to be the most deadly.  So what are your thoughts?  Can one intersection be more dangerous than another?  Can traffic signals play a role in an accident?

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