Traffic Light Accident Continues to be a Concern in Colorado Springs

Just last week we posed the question: Can a Stoplight be the Cause of a Colorado Springs Accident?  It’s a subject worth exploring and one that city officials are taking seriously.  The deadly accident that prompted our story last week has shined a light on traffic signals.  Traffic lights can be difficult to predict.  Some change from red to green much quicker than others and timing can be determined by factors ranging from time of day to the amount of cars on the street.

So what is the city doing to decrease crashes while keeping traffic moving?  According to a city traffic technician, “Cycle lengths and timing are different for each circumstance… Light cycles are determined based on traffic volumes and physical size, geometry and configuration of an intersection. It may be different, for example, in the morning while traffic is going one way than in the evening when traffic is going the opposite direction.”

Other cycles include “Set Cycle” which is a short cycle in the realm of 60secs and never changes.  “On-Demand” which detects traffic and provides green lights to move motorists through intersections.   And “Signal Progression” which is found at many major streets and considers the amount of cars on the road and are coordinated to help drivers avoid red lights.

These technicians believe driver frustration is a big factor.  “Drivers should try to drive the speed limit; our progression systems are all set up for posted speeds, and people who are speeding will catch red lights.  Also, bear in mind that the traffic progresses in a straight line with the lights. If a driver turns onto another street, they will get into a new progression pattern of that road and its signals.”


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Andrea Sinclair, August 19, 2014.