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Are Colorado Springs School Bus Accidents More Likely to End with Injuries?

It might not happen all that often, but Colorado Springs school bus accidents are some of the most destructive.  The sheer size and weight of a bus means that there’s a greater chance for property damage and serious injuries.  Add to that the fact that buses are often carrying many passengers and the chances of someone getting hurt are only that much greater.

On one hand, a recent school bus accident in the city was fortunate because there were no children aboard.  On the other hand, the accident still left the occupants of another vehicle injured.  It was certainly a reminder that school buses can pose a threat to other motorists.

Last week, a school bus was turning onto Stetson Hills when it failed to yield the right of way to an approaching car.  The car was unable to avoid an accident and slammed into the front of the bus.  The bus driver escaped the crash without injuries, but the driver of the other vehicle wasn’t as lucky.  They sustained minor facial injuries.  Much worse, a teenage passenger had their leg broken in the collision and had to be rushed to the hospital.

As auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we want you to know that motorists aren’t always a danger to buses and their riders.  Buses can just as easily be a serious threat themselves.

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A simple mistake by a bus driver injured one person and sent another to the hospital.  When a negligent act like this affects you and your family, you need Heuser & Heuser.  You could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, and we can help you get it.

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