speeding accident

Colorado Springs car accident attorneys look at the deadly, split-second consequences of speeding.

Speeding is a common traffic violation. Survey data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that most people have serious concerns about speeding and recognize its dangers. However, they’re often concerned about other drivers’ behavior more than their own. In one survey, roughly 75% of drivers reported that in the past month they drove over the speed limit.

Downplaying the dangers of one’s own traffic violations could lead to serious problems on the road. Drivers may overestimate their ability to control a vehicle even when it’s going too quickly. They may trust in their abilities too much and use it as an excuse to exceed the speed limit and get to where they’re going more quickly.

And all the while, they’re putting themselves at a higher risk of a car accident, sometimes with tragic outcomes.

Recently in Colorado Springs, a young boy and his father were struck by a speeding car while they were on a sidewalk. According to local news reports, the car took a curve on the road too quickly, going over 50 mph on a street with a 35 mph speed limit. It then jumped the curve and hit the pedestrians. The child died, and the father required hospitalization; part of his leg needed to be amputated, and he sustained multiple fractures and internal organ damage. Some of the car’s occupants, including two children, suffered minor injuries and were treated at a hospital as well.

All of this happened very quickly, the result of poor judgment and lack of care on the road. The results of this speeding accident were tragic and can’t be reversed.

As Colorado Springs car accident attorneys, we’ve come across many accidents in which speeding was a factor; we urge you to abide by the speed limit when you drive. And if you’ve experienced such an accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you fight to obtain the resources you need to recover from what happened.