road emergency

Colorado Springs accident lawyers urge you to prepare for medical events on the road

recent car accident in Colorado Springs had a hopeful outcome when bystanders were able to perform CPR on an unconscious driver during a road emergency. The driver,  who had most likely experienced a heart attack, had hit the curb and rear-ended two other vehicles. It’s possible that without the intervention of bystanders, he would have passed away.

This accident is a reminder that medical events on the road are always possible and that it’s important to be prepared for them. The following are some preventative measures you can take to lower the risk of an accident or reduce the chances of a worst outcome if you experience a medical event:

Take a class in basic first aid

These are often offered for free in community centers and hospitals by organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Pay attention to symptoms

If you’re driving, don’t be quick to dismiss symptoms such as chest pains, sudden or worsening headaches, dizziness or blurred vision. Even if the symptoms appear to manifest sporadically, or don’t initially appear to be strong, it’s probably best to look for the first available safe opportunity to pull over and see how things play out.

Have a means of summoning help in a road emergency situation

Don’t travel without some way of contacting first responders in the event of a medical emergency.

Carry medical information on you

For example, you can have information in your wallet about medications you’re allergic to or a pre-existing medical condition. This information will be helpful to people who treat you on the scene, particularly if you’re unconscious.

Acknowledge the dangers of a medication or medical condition

If you know you’re prone to seizures, dizziness, or other symptoms associated with certain medical conditions or as side effects of a medication you’re taking, use your judgment about whether you should drive. Maybe you should rely more on public transportation or carpool with someone.

Although some people are more prone to experiencing a medical event in the road, it can really happen to anyone. In the aftermath of an accident, be sure to contact experienced Colorado Springs accident lawyers if you live in or around the city. Hopefully, the advice laid out here will help you be better prepared, meaning that you’ll either avoid an accident entirely or reduce the chances of a more serious outcome.