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Rash of Big Truck Accidents Means Tragedy for Several Coloradoans

Each and every day, thousands of big trucks drive in and around the state of Colorado.  With so many semi-trucks on our roads, it’s only a matter of time before one causes a serious accident.  Last week saw a wide range of truck accidents, proving just how dangerous these large vehicles can truly be.

In one bizarre accident in Monument, a flatbed completely fell off its frame blocking two entire lanes of traffic.  The freak occurrence caused a multiple-vehicle crash and delayed traffic for several hours.   Within a few days, another big truck would cause a multiple-vehicle wreck, this time on the southeast side of Colorado Springs.  Fortunately, no one was injured, but a major diesel fuel raised concerns of a fire.  A Hazmat team was called in to clean up the spill before the situation got worse.

Just a few days later, a much worse truck accident occurred near Ault in Weld County.  Apparently the driver of a pickup truck didn’t yield to an 18-wheeler as it hauled logs through the state.  The collision took the life of a mother and her young daughter – an unthinkable tragedy.  Another man was seriously injured in the crash and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.

The intersection where the deadly accident took place has actually been a hotspot for serious wrecks.  Since 2007, nine accidents have occurred there with five people losing their lives.  The Colorado Department of Transportation has increased the size of the stop sign at the area and will eventually add flashing lights.  As truck accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we hope that these measures save lives.

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