tractor-trailer accident in colorado springs

Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers Know Big Trucks Continue To Pose a Threat

Just last week we were discussing the dangers that big trucks pose to our friends in Colorado Springs.  Well a few days ago, yet another serious tractor-trailer accident in Colorado Springs had consequences for motorists in our state.

The truck was pulling a massive wind tower when it smashed into the median along Interstate 25.  The wind tower rolled off the trailer, blocking the highway in both directions for hours.  In fact, the southbound lanes were closed for 10 hours.  Traffic had to be diverted to Central Avenue just to keep traffic moving at all.  Two large cranes from Colorado Springs were brought in to remove the tower from the interstate.

The accident is being blamed on equipment failure which led to the truck losing control and crashing into the concrete median.  The good news to come out of this is that no one was injured in the wreck.  However, it shows that equipment that isn’t properly maintained can lead to incredibly dangerous situations.  The wind tower weighed 75 tons.  Imagine if it would have struck another vehicle.  In fact, it was enough to damage the lanes and leave deep holes in the pavement.

This isn’t even the first time something like this has occurred.  Many trucks have transported new wind towers along Pueblo Boulevard and in the past few years two other pieces of tower have fallen off trailers.

Accident Lawyers in Colorado Springs Are Here to Help!

Big trucks will continue to cause problems for motorists in and around Colorado Springs.  But if they cause a wreck that hurts you or someone you love, the Colorado Springs accident attorneys at Heuser & Heuser can help.  You could be entitled to a financial settlement for your injuries, but you need to contact us today to learn more about filing an injury accident claim.

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