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Fiery Crash After Chase Noted By Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyers

More than 150 residences in Black Forest lost power late on Tuesday, September 30, when an alleged fleeing motorist took out an electric pole. According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the motorist’s vehicle sideswiped a deputy’s squad car that was parked on the side of the road. The deputy was not in his vehicle at the time.

Deputies Pursue Fleeing Motorist

After deputies witnessed the offending vehicle speed off, they gave chase. The chase went on for several miles until the fleeing vehicle hit an electric pole at the intersection of Burgess Road and Milam Road. A sergeant for the EPSO stated that the power pole was severed in the wreck. He also reported that the vehicle involved then rolled a number of times before starting on fire.

Car Ignites With Driver Trapped

Deputies successfully extinguished the fire with the driver still trapped inside. Firefighters extricated the man from the car, and he was transported to an area hospital with unspecified injuries.

As a direct result of the crash, power remained out in the area for over two hours. The motorist is expected to face charges as a result of the incident.

This El Paso County crash illustrates some of the complex issues that can arise in traffic accidents. In this event, county property, the squad car, was damaged due to possibly negligent conduct on the part of the motorist. Then, more property was damaged when the electric pole was severed as an alleged act of fleeing from law enforcement concluded in dramatic fashion.

Although the only injured party in this accident was the allegedly fleeing motorist, accidents of this nature often result in life-changing experiences for those struck due to reckless driving and for passengers riding with hit-and-run drivers. To discuss the details of injuries that you or a lived one may have suffered due to the possible negligence of a driver, with Colorado Springs car accident lawyers, please contact us. An initial consultation is always available at no cost to you.