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Investigators Try to Find Cause Behind Deadly Colorado Springs Work Accident

Unless you’re working at a high-risk job, it can be easy to forget that workplace accidents are some of the most common.  Many people throughout Southern Colorado face dangers on a day-to-day basis, but just because a job has inherent dangers, don’t make accidents any less preventable.  Just last week an industrial accident took a woman’s life in Colorado Springs and investigators are left to figure out how such a tragedy could have been prevented.

Firefighters arrived to an emergency call at Thompson and Sitz Construction where there was a report that a woman was stuck between two train cars.  While the emergency crews made it there as quickly as possible, it still wasn’t enough time to save the woman’s life.

It’s still unclear as to how the woman became pinned between the railcars, but there were several witnesses so a thorough investigation should shed light on the terrible accident.  It’s also unclear whether or not negligence played a part which could potentially hold the construction company responsible in the death.

The incident is being called an “industrial accident” and as work accident lawyers in Colorado Springs we know that usually means a bit of negligence played a role.  What we can hope for is that the investigation discovers the truth so that the woman’s surviving family will have the answers they deserve.

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A job site should be a place where you make money to provide for your family, not a place where you have to fear being injured or worse.  If an employer’s negligence has caused an accident that has left you injured, there is someone on your side – Heuser & Heuser.  You could be entitled to a large financial settlement and our Colorado Springs work accident attorneys can help you get it.

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