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Jury Awards Million Dollar Settlement After Fatal Colorado Hit-and-Run Accident

No amount of money can relieve the crippling heartbreak that follows a fatal accident.  Someone you love was taken away by negligence, and the pain you feel can be immeasurable.  Wrongful death lawsuits aren’t about relieving heartbreak, it’s about making sure that a family isn’t financially burdened by an unexpected loss.

As wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs we hope that the large settlement coming to a Denver family will help them in the wake of a tragic loss.  Back in January a 63-year-old woman was walking through a crosswalk on Colorado Boulevard when she was struck by a vehicle.  To make matters worse, the 89-year-old driver fled the scene.

The elderly man was soon found in his home after his car was identified by witnesses.   He faces charges of “leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.”   His criminal case is still pending, but a Colorado jury has returned a judgment against the hit-and-run driver.  The settlement will award $1 million to the estate of the accident victim.

The breakdown of the settlement was $60,000 in economic damages and an additional $340,000 for pain and suffering.  On top of that, another $600,000 will be rewarded for punitive damages.   These punitive damages will hopefully deter future reckless drivers from leaving the scene of serious accidents and will help make sure the family of the victim will never be financially burdened by the terrible tragedy.

Put a Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Lawyer on Your Side

Reckless drivers should always be held responsible for their negligent actions.  Your family doesn’t have to wait for the criminal courts to get the justice you deserve.  A wrongful death lawsuit can get you the money you need and send a powerful message and Heuser & Heuser can help.  For a FREE review of your claim contact our Colorado Springs wrongful death attorneys.

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