Avoid Road Rage Incidents Say Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorneys

An incident just north of Colorado Springs offers a reminder of how quickly road rage can escalate, even in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon. According to the Colorado State Patrol, a white Chevrolet Tahoe and a silver GMC truck were northbound on Interstate 25 at about 1 p.m. on October 26. The vehicles were between the Garden of the Gods exit and the Interquest Parkway at the time.

Arrest Made

The CSP reported that a passenger in the GMC truck allegedly fired at the Tahoe, and that the driver-side front tire was subsequently hit by gunfire. State troopers and El Paso County deputies collaborated in an effort to locate both vehicles, and they were successful. A 45-year-old man from Indiana was arrested, and the police report states that a gun was found at the time of the arrest. The man was taken to the El Paso County Jail, and he was booked on charges of Felony Menacing and Reckless Endangerment.

Investigators Seek Witnesses

As the Colorado State Patrol continued its investigation, it asked any other possible witnesses to come forward with any information that they might have.

Although this incident may not have resulted in injury to any occupant of either vehicle, the dangers of road rage are still very real, especially when vehicles are traveling at freeway speeds. Rather than responding to aggressive or threatening conduct on the road, it is usually best to remain uninvolved and to immediately report aggressive conduct to law enforcement.

When road rage or aggressive driving tactics leads to an accident with injuries, criminal charges may not be the only problem that the accused may face. Colorado law allows a victim of such negligent conduct to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other possible losses. To have your own personal case evaluated by Colorado Springs car accident attorneys, please contact us.