Drill Rig

One Worker Killed and Two Others Injured in Tragic Colorado Fracking Accident

Several companies throughout Colorado have been drilling for oil and gas through the process of fracking. The process of blasting high pressure water and fracking fluid might be an effective way to break up rock and soil to get to the valuable resources, but as injury lawyers in Colorado Springs we know it comes with its own dangers to the men and women working in the field.

Recently one worker was killed and two others were seriously injured in a fracking accident in the state. A high-pressure water line had frozen in the recent frigid conditions and the men were tasked with heating the line. In the process the water line ruptured and an extremely high-pressure stream of water hit one of the men, killing him instantly.

The pressure in those pipes can be anywhere from 3,500 to 4,500 psi, 400 times the pressure of a typical fire hose.   Halliburton, the company behind the operation, has issued condolences but haven’t released any more details about the tragedy.

The last deadly drilling accident in the area occurred only two years ago. According to the Denver Director for OSHA, “We want to make sure all oil and gas sites have comprehensive safety and health programs in place to address all potential health hazards. The most common at a well site are struck-by hazards, fires, explosions and exposure to chemicals, such as hydrocarbons.”

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We know there are inherent dangers with particular jobs, but employers are required to do everything they can to ensure the safety of their workers. When an employer is negligent, you could ultimately be the one that pays for their carelessness by suffering a serious injury… or worse.

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