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Icy Accidents: Winter Weather in Southern Colorado Raises the Risks of Wrecks

The snow and ice are upon us and as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs we want you to be extremely careful when driving. Officials within the state also want to make sure motorists are being safe, and they are issuing warnings to those that have to travel when the weather is at its worst.

Some areas of El Paso County, like in Fountain, have already seen half a foot of snow. The Colorado Springs Airport even had the 1979 record for maximum snowfall in a day broken when 2 inches covered the runway. The snow isn’t even the worst of the problems. The issue is that during the day the snow will melt, turning to ice when the sun goes down. According to a spokesperson with the Colorado Department of Transportation, “People need to use extra caution. Things are going to be freezing up a lot quicker.”

Crews are doing what they can, working 12-hours shifts, in an attempt to keep snow and ice off our roadways, especially on the heavily-traveled Interstate 25. It’s definitely necessary as on a single day last week there were at least four reports of cars sliding off the road and hitting light poles, a school bus was hit when a car slide backwards, another vehicle struck an electrical box, and yet another struck a guardrail. Even worse, there were four people injured and another was killed in a Jefferson County wreck on the same day.

More snow and ice are on the way, so it’s vital that you give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Getting in an accident on an icy road isn’t worth getting there on time. According to a Colorado State Patrol trooper, “Snow is a guarantee. We just have to know how to drive on it.”

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