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Car Crashes into Home in Colorado Springs DUI Accident

An alleged weekend DUI accident in Colorado Springs provides additional evidence of the wide range of adverse results that can stem from acts of alleged drunk driving. In the latest incident, a vehicle allegedly left the roadway just prior to causing extensive off-road damage.

Two Properties Involved

At approximately 3:38 p.m., the police report states that officers responded to reports of a vehicle hitting a house on East Vrain Street. When the officers arrived, fence damage was noted at one residence, and damage to a second home was also observed. In fact, the police report noted evidence of “heavy structural damage” at the second home.

Motorist Located Nearby

A preliminary investigation determined that a 56-year-old female motorist allegedly ran her car into the fence prior to running it into an additional residence. Although the woman was not at the scene of the accident when police arrived, they did locate her at a nearby residence during the course of the initial investigation.

DUI Arrest Follows

No injuries were reported, but the motorist was arrested on suspicion of DUI. She also faces multiple unspecified traffic charges as well. The crash left a gaping hole in an exterior wall of the home, so Colorado Springs firefighters were called to secure the property. The Gazette reported that they had boarded up the damaged residence by about 5 p.m.

Although the investigation into this accident is ongoing, driving while intoxicated often results in crashes that damage property and injure the innocent. Colorado state law addresses losses that may arise from such acts of allegedly negligent conduct. When injuries do occur, Colorado Springs accident attorneys can represent the injured by filing civil litigation with an appropriate court. Such litigation will often seek compensation for unpaid medical expenses, potential lost wages, pain and suffering and possible long-term rehabilitation expense.

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