Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers Know Child Car Seat Defects Are Unacceptable

When you get into a car with your child, hopefully there is only one thing on your mind – safety. The biggest part of this is having the appropriate child car seat installed. There are a lot of factors for you to keep in mind including the age and size of your child, but as product liability lawyers in Colorado Springs we think you should also be worrying if the car seat has any defects.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the company Graco Children’s Products after their car seats were found to have some potentially dangerous defects. The company recalled 6.1 million units (the largest child seat recall in America’s history) after it was discovered the buckles could get stuck. The NHTSA, however, believes it may have taken Graco too long to report this serious defect.

A manufacturer only has five days to report a safety defect after finding it according to federal rules, a window of time Graco might have missed. Now they could be facing nearly $35 million in fines. The manufacturer isn’t taken the NHTSA’s investigating lightly claiming, “We thoroughly analyzed all data related to the buckles and took the required actions to keep our consumers safe.” The relationship between Graco and the NHTSA has been strained since the initial recall in February which only included toddler seats. The NHTSA called the recall “incomplete and misleading” and pressured the company to include infant car seats in the recall as well, a measure that ultimately worked.

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Defective products can cause serious harm. It’s something that shouldn’t go unpunished, especially when children’s well-being is at risk. If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, Heuser & Heuser is here to help. We’ll get started with a FREE review of you Colorado Springs personal injury claim if you contact us right away.