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A Little Bit of Anger Can Easily Lead to a Serious Colorado Springs Accident

A bit of bad blood between a couple of people can quickly lead to a violent situation. It might be a fist-fight, which in itself can leave someone seriously injured. If you add a vehicle into the mix, the level of destruction is only going to escalate. Property can be damaged, traumatic injuries can occur, lives can even be lost.

It’s a scene that occurred in a Colorado Springs mobile home park just last week. According to Springs police, a man was dropping his friend off at the area when an argument erupted. What sparked the fight isn’t known, but what happened in its wake definitely is. The friend walked over to the driver’s side door and forced it open. He may have been trying to pull the driver out of the vehicle when he grabbed the wheel.

The driver wasn’t interested in getting out, so instead he stepped on the gas. He was successful in getting away from his assailant, but sped out of control and smashed into the side of a mobile home. The man who grabbed the wheel was ultimately the one who was injured and had to be taken to a local hospital. The driver found himself ticketed for careless driving.

All in all, as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that this accident could have been much worse. There was a family of five (including two children) inside the home when it was struck. All of them avoided being injured. It goes to show how easily a fit of rage can lead to a devastating situation.

Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers

Anger can lead to recklessness, which can lead to an injury accident. The Colorado Springs accident attorneys at Heuser & Heuser hold careless individuals responsible for their actions, and we’ll hold the fight where it should be held – in court not in the street.