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Running Red Lights Increasingly Becoming Cause of Colorado Springs Accidents

So we all know why traffic lights are put into place.  They are there to control traffic, which in return should help reduce accidents.  However, as personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that human error can still make traffic light controlled intersections incredibly dangerous.

According to the Colorado Springs transportation manager, “When people are not paying attention, driving dangerously, speeding excessively, and so you could end up with a fatal accident truly any spot on the street system.”  But just because these accidents continue doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something to stop them.

To do this they’ve identified the areas in Colorado Springs where the most tickets are given out for running run lights.  Most tickets are given at the light at South Tejon and I-25.  Others problem areas included North Nevada and I-25, South Nevada and I-25, and East Woodmen Road and I-25.  The red lights on Interstate 25 certainly seem to be a common factor.

A driving coach says, “We’re trying to increase the enforcement of speeding, which certainly helps with red lights, because quite often you’re running a red light because you’re traveling too fast to reach a safe stop at that intersection.”  Educating motorists seems to be the key.

You need to make sure that you’re obeying all traffic laws.  A yellow light means prepare to stop.  It doesn’t mean speed up to make it through the intersection.  And be especially cautious of lights that have been green for a long period of time, as it’s more than likely coming close to changing.

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