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When it comes time to take a vacation, one of the most common ways to get around is a recreational vehicle or RV. You have everything you need right there on four wheels – a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, mobile comfort wherever you go. But as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that when anything has the ability to move, it has the ability to get into an accident.

A serious RV accident sent five people to the hospital last weekend after crashing just east of downtown Colorado Springs. According to reports, the RV side-swiped another vehicle before colliding with a house. The RV struck a large tree branch upon entering the yard, which slowed it down considerably, keeping it from doing too much damage to the home.

Unfortunately, there were still several people who were left hurt. There were two people in the car that was struck by the RV that had to be taken to the hospital. On top of that, three people in the RV were also hurt.  This is fairly common when RVs wreck because the people inside are given the freedom to walk around and move about inside the vehicle. This leaves them unrestrained and vulnerable to being thrown around if an accident occurs. No one in the house was hurt.

The driver of the RV ended up being ticketed for several traffic offenses which included careless driving as well as have falsified licensed plates. Unfortunately, this is a reminder that negligent drivers are sometimes behind the wheels of our road’s biggest vehicles.

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