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If we look at where accidents occur off the road, parking lots crop up as a likely location.

What can go wrong in a parking lot?

  • Drivers maneuver around each other in a constricted space, risking a vehicle-vehicle collision.
  • Pedestrians might emerge suddenly from between cars, increasing the chances of colliding with a motor vehicle.
  • When backing out of a parking space or pulling into it, drivers might fail to check for other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Drivers might assume that just because they aren’t out on the open road, they can relax about personal safety. An unusual example reported recently in the Colorado Springs Gazette involved a man getting pulled in a sled by a vehicle in a parking lot; his sled crashed into a parked car, and he passed away. More commonly, drivers can neglect to put their seat belts on immediately, or their attention might wander towards a distraction in their car or in the vicinity as they settle in to drive.
  • Drivers might swerve to avoid something, like a rolling shopping cart, and accidentally hit something else.
  • Occasionally, drivers might lose control of their vehicle to the extent that they crash into one of the buildings near the parking lot or roll on to the sidewalk.

It’s important to realize that even accidents occurring at relatively low speeds can prove deadly or cause injuries for those involved, particularly pedestrians. Drivers are also vulnerable; for example, whiplash can occur at low speeds, leading possibly to weeks of pain and constricted movements.

Another frustrating accident that might occur involves a car hitting your parked vehicle and then driving off. What can you do if they’ve damaged your vehicle in more than a minor way?

Be sure to contact experienced Colorado Springs accident lawyers if you’ve suffered a parking lot accident. You might subsequently experience problems with insurance companies or need to file a civil suit against another party. An attorney can provide invaluable advice and assistance.