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Snow and ice has fallen throughout the state, and while this certainly makes for some dangerous situations, some residents are finding ways to make the most of it.  This includes breaking out the sleds and finding some good snow-covered hills to race down.  However, as Colorado Springs Injury Lawyers we want to make sure that your good times aren’t ruined by negligence.

A Colorado Springs’ man was seriously injured in a recent sledding accident and what happened to him is an illustration of when some harmless fun goes too far. The man and some friends found an icy parking lot in front of a Family Dollar Store and decided to hook a sled to the back of their vehicle and go for a joy ride.

Pulled by the vehicle, the man on the sled was slipping and sliding, probably having a blast until it all went bad.  The car pulling him went out of control and slammed the sled into a parked vehicle.  The man on the sled suffered serious injuries and had to be rushed to Memorial Hospital.

The two people in the car escaped injuries, but they will be paying for their actions in the court system.  The driver was arrested on suspicion of vehicular assault as well as an attempt to influence a public official. The passenger was charged with being an accessory to a crime.

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