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The winter weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and as auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that means plenty more wrecks will follow. The Holidays were no exception and last week saw several accidents in the area.

According to AAA, an astonishing 91% of travelers hit the road for the holidays as gas prices made traveling by automobile the cheapest option in many cases. Some of those passed through our cities and were greeted by icy conditions.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is well aware of the dangers drivers face in our state and are offering a few tire tread tips to make your commute safer.  One of the biggest is checking your tire tread.  Bald tires are one of the leading causes of serious accidents during cold weather conditions.  Last February it was found that 19 out of 22 cars involved in wrecks on I-70 had bald tires.

For the longest time you could check if your tread was good by placing a penny in the tread, and if the tread touched ol’ Abe Lincoln’s head, you were good. CDOT wants the standard to be changed to using a quarter and measuring by George Washington’s head instead. If you see the top of his head… you need to replace those tires. CDOT has even teamed with Coloradoland Tire dealers to check tire tread absolutely free. It was a much needed program, too, as they found 7 out of 35 cars had dangerously bald tires.

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Bald tires can cause accidents but so can bad drivers. If those drivers hurt you or your family, medical expenses can get really expensive, really quickly. Our Colorado Spring auto accident attorneys will fight to get you the money you need to cover these bills if you contact us today.