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We get it. You’re a busy individual who has to juggle work, family, school, and individual priorities. So you like to store things in your car where you can reach them easily and won’t forget they’re there. In the front seat, you have a laptop for work, baseball glove and ball for leisure, running shoes for exercise, and your school books. The back seat is reserved for your kids toys and maybe some canned goods you just bought.

Have you considered what happens to these loose items during an accident? Seat belts keep you from flying into the windshield and a car seat keeps little Johnny in place. But those loose items become dangerous missiles during a crash. If your car crashes at 55 miles-per-hour, an object weighing 20 pounds packs about 1,000 pounds of force. This force is enough to maim or kill you. An ABC story onGood Morning America reveals that loose objects produce 13,000 injuries each year.

To prevent these missiles from flying, keep any loose items in your trunk or glove compartment. Use cargo nets or other methods for securing cargo in the trunk so nothing comes flying toward you from there. If you don’t need anything for a the current trip, don’t bring it along. Consider putting children’s toys, changes of clothing, and other necessities in a small bag that is then wedged on the floor behind the front passenger seat. You can still reach such items but they’re unlikely to come flying out of a secured bag.

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