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A long and troubling trial has begun in the nearby city of Fountain. The trial is challenging what we consider to be a reasonable cause of a serious car accident. According to an attorney, a psychiatric episode that was so severe it could be considered clinical insanity was the cause of a fatal accident. That’s why the attorney claims an ex-Army medic, while driving in his pick-up, had an accident that killed a teenage boy and is now pleading “not guilty” to charges of vehicular homicide.

It’s not an easy defense, and one that is fairly unheard-of.  So did post-traumatic stress disorder cause the medic to not know right from wrong leading up to the terrible accident? According to witnesses, the young man’s car was out of control and at a high rate of speed. He caused cars to swerve out of the way and finally came to an instant stop when he smashed into the back of another vehicle at a stoplight.

A chain reaction crushed two cars in front of him. A teenage boy was killed in the collision and his entire family suffered a variety of life-threatening injuries. The veteran, however, told emergency responders that he had no recollection of the events that led up to the collision.

Defense attorneys aren’t buying PTSD as a reasonable cause of a deadly wreck. That defense may only succeed in getting a plea deal or a more lenient sentence. As personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know this back and forth is common in trials, but this one is particularly unusual.  The veteran’s attorneys will continue to claim that he had a blackout from a traumatic brain injury.

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