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Recently, Colorado Springs police reported an accident that shut down part of the I-25. An RV driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, which was pulling along a Jeep; both the RV and Jeep overturned as a result.

As investigators continue to look into what caused the accident, we can take a moment to step back and examine the risks posed by vehicles that are towing something on the road – whether it’s another vehicle (such as a car or boat) or a trailer storing various cargo.

Although the recent accident on the I-25 was relatively mild for the RV driver, the outcome could have been much more serious. When a vehicle is towing something, the following are some possible scenarios:

  • The item getting towed isn’t hitched up properly to the vehicle, maybe as a result of faulty equipment or human error. The item, which can weigh tons, then breaks free from the vehicle and hurtles out onto the road.
  • The item getting towed can jackknife during an accident, swinging out onto the road (this sometimes happens with large tractor-trailers).
  • Even if the item remains properly attached, it can still serve as an obstacle that other vehicles collide with.
  • If it’s a trailer storing various cargo, the cargo might spill out onto the road.

Police have already indicated that the RV accident led to a second one shortly afterwards involving other vehicles. It’s always critical to look at the effects of an accident beyond the initial impact and determine what role negligence might have played during any part of the crash.

After any accident on the road, if you’re not sure what happened, if you think it might have been preventable, or if you’re experiencing difficulties with insurance companies, be sure to speak with Colorado Springs accident attorneys. When you contact us, we will carefully analyze what happened during the collision and give you needed legal assistance.