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Under most circumstances, a car that isn’t in motion isn’t much of a threat. But what it becomes is a “fixed object,” something similar to a lamppost, tree, or guardrail. As car accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that the real danger of these objects come from people in cars that are moving because striking one can lead to a serious injury – even death.

On the same day last week in Colorado Springs, accidents involving parked cars both caused a serious amount of destruction and took a life. In the early morning hours on Sunday a distracted driver collided with a curb. His vehicle bounced over the curb, ran over the sidewalk, and collided with a stop sign before careening into a local car lot. It was there that the out of control driver smashed into at least three vehicles before finally coming to a stop.

Distraction wasn’t the only problem the young driver had going for him. The 19-year-old was also found to be intoxicated at the time of the wreck. He’ll be facing charges of DUI and careless driving.

On the same day, just an hour before the other accident, another driver lost control of their car. This time the driver smashed into parked cars immediately, and their out of control ride was ended in an instant. More tragically, so was their life. It’s yet to be known if alcohol played a role in the terrible accident.

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Careless drivers don’t always simply strike unoccupied parked cars. Sometimes they cause accidents that injure you or someone you love. That’s where Heuser & Heuser can help.

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