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Like many other states, Colorado has far too many DUI accidents. As auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we’ve seen first-hand how these accidents can change lives in an instant and more tragically, how they can end lives just as quickly. Drivers that choose to drive while intoxicated should be held responsible and those that didn’t learn their lesson the first time around should face even tougher penalties.

Colorado is one of very few states that don’t have any current felony DUI laws on the books. In fact, were only one of five states that don’t. A newly proposed bill is looking to change that.

According to a 4th Judicial District Attorney:

“It’s our kids on the streets, it’s people walking down the street, it’s innocent people driving down the street and their lives changed forever, getting t-boned or their children killed, at some point, it’s gotta become a priority for Colorado.”

The new bill would make three DUIs a felony under particular circumstances. This would target the nearly 3,000 different instances of Colorado drivers who have been convicted of DUI three or more times in the last eight years. Those numbers are staggering when you considered the fact that up to this point many of those drivers haven’t faced serious charges for their crimes.

Fortunately, the bill is gaining a lot of traction and lot of support and will be heading to the finance committee within a month. Only time will tell if these measures will help crack down on DUI drivers and better protect innocent drivers and pedestrians throughout our state.

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Even with strong punishments in place, drivers will still make the reckless decision to drink and drive. At Heuser & Heuser we want to hold those drivers responsible if they hurt your family.  Contact our Colorado Springs auto accident attorneys when you’ve been injured in an accident caused by negligence.