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When a loved one passes away, some families are not given enough time to properly mourn their loss because an unexpected death can cause uncertainty about the future and financial strife. A wrongful death suit might help a family in Colorado Springs recover expenses and lessen worries while the family focuses on grieving. When negligence takes the life of a loved one, a family might be awarded damages in civil court for multiple reasons.

Costs Stemming From An Accident

If evidence shows that a drunk driver caused a crash that killed someone, their family might be awarded damages for costs directly related to the crash like any medical expenses or property damage to a vehicle. Additionally, the liable party may also be responsible for funeral expenses.

Future Costs

A family will likely experience serious financial setbacks when there is one less member to contribute monetarily, so loved ones may be given an amount that reflects the wages a decedent would have earned. Since this does not have an exact price attached like medical or funeral bills do, Colorado Springs wrongful death attorneys can help when assessing the compensation owed to a family.

Expenses For A Lawsuit

While some families may struggle financially after losing a loved one, they may not wish to file a suit for fear of additional costs. Fortunately, the cost of legal expenses can be included in a suit when pursuing action in civil court.

Emotional Costs

According to Nolo, family members can also seek compensation for the loss of affection, companionship and love that someone who passed away provided. This might include costs for counseling or therapy services.

Next Steps

While losing a loved one is always difficult, compensation can offer a family closure and financial support. It is important to contact an attorney quickly because time limits and caps for compensation apply in some cases. Contact us when interested in learning about your options after negligence resulted in the death of a loved one.