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In a recent post, we discussed a terrible tragedy that occurred when a group of friends were having a bit of reckless fun in an icy parking lot. Their night of fun left one dead and another facing very serious charges. As wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs we know that a good time can turn bad quickly when carelessness is involved.

One man is now facing charges of criminally negligent homicide. Why? Because he was driving the truck that was pulling a sled. That sled went out of control and slammed into a parked car, and the sled’s rider lost his life later in the hospital from injuries sustained in the collision.

The man recently appeared before the 4th Judicial District Court where he made his statements. He wishes he could go back and change it, but he insists his actions weren’t criminal and they were “just having fun.” The driver says, “It was an accident. Maybe I should pay for whatever I should pay for. It’s not like I set out to do this, or for this to happen.” He also believes that living with what he did will be the ultimate punishment.

Quite a bit of confusion surrounds the case because initially a passenger in the vehicle claimed that she was driving. She was trying to protect the actual driver who she believed had a suspended license. The driver also didn’t immediately step forward which is making the case even more difficult for him.

Ultimately, the case will come down to whether or not it can be proven that the driver knew his actions were dangerous and capable of leading to someone’s death. Negligent criminal homicide cases are much more nuanced than other homicide cases because it’s not about intent, it’s about carelessness.

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