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We’ve all been there. You’ve just left a long shift at work. Maybe you didn’t get the sleep you needed the night before. You’re driving down the highway and your eyelids feel like lead weights. Before you know it, you fall asleep behind the wheel, and you don’t need auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs to tell you how dangerous that is.

Practically every driver on our roads are susceptible to driver fatigue, even the men and women who are tasked with protecting us. Just last weekend an El Paso County sheriff’s deputy slammed into a guardrail, and early indicators are pointing to him falling asleep behind the wheel.

His patrol car went out of control in the early morning hours on Fontaine Street and collided with the guardrail. The car slid along the rail for nearly one hundred feet before finally coming to a stop.  Fortunately, the officer (or anyone else for that matter) wasn’t injured in the accident. It does go to show, however, that anyone who is traveling while tired can fall asleep and cause serious damage.

Of course there are things you can do to avoid a fatigue-related wreck.

  • Don’t drive for more than 8 to 10 hours in a day.
  • Get an appropriate night’s sleep before starting a long trip.
  • Share driving responsibility when possible.
  • Take breaks to stretch every 2 hours.
  • Never drink alcohol before driving.
  • Try not to travel at times you would normally be sleeping.
  • If you become drowsy, DON’T continue to drive.

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Driving while tired can be considered a form of negligence. It’s careless to get on the road when you know you could fall asleep. Let Heuser & Heuser help when you’ve been in an accident caused by reckless behavior. Just contact our Colorado Springs auto accident attorneys today!