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Very few things are certain after a DUI accident takes lives. The person found guilty of the crime may spend a lengthy amount of time in jail or they may spend very little time. Sometimes they don’t spend time behind bars at all. Justice is different case by case. The only thing that is certain after a deadly accident is there is a family that will be changed forever.

A young Pueblo woman has received her sentence after causing a deadly wreck in the fall of 2013. She was drunk behind the wheel when she lost control of her car and crashed, taking the lives of three of her passengers. She was found guilty on three counts of vehicular homicide and careless driving resulting in death.

In Colorado, vehicular homicide involving DUI can carry a sentence of 2 to 24 years. So what was the sentencing for the Pueblo woman? She was sentenced to 4 years in prison for each count which will be served consecutively. This sentencing has been seen as light to some. One commenter said, “What does this “sentence?” say about our justice system?” Another said, “Not much of a sentence, I think.”

As personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that getting a sense of closure is what truly helps a family move forward after a fatal DUI accident. They are the ones who are truly suffering in these cases. Often putting the person who perpetrated the crime behind bars can give a sense of justice. This can be a stepping stone toward closure, but it’s only the beginning. True closure comes with time and acceptance, and that’s something jail time simply can’t replace.

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