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There’s no way to overstate how dangerous driving while intoxicated is. As car accident lawyers in Colorado Springs our blog is full of stories of people who have made this reckless decision and caused serious, life-altering (sometimes ending) accidents. It’s a subject that is always worth revisiting, though, because it’s a subject that unfortunately isn’t going away.

DUI accidents have a long reach. They are capable of affecting almost anyone at any time and that extends to the men and women who decided to serve our state as police officers. A Colorado community was stunned when they lost an officer in a sudden and terrible accident around this time in 2013.

An off-duty officer was riding his motorcycle through Aurora when a driver failed to yield at an intersection. The two vehicles collided and the officer lost his life. This was more than just an accident, however, the driver was drunk at the time of the wreck, making it even more senseless. He isn’t going unpunished, though.

Sentencing finally came down just last week. The man who drove drunk and took the like of an officer will be spending twelve years in prison. The sentence was a great victory for the supports of the fallen officer that packed the courtroom during the ruling. The driver was ultimately found guilty of vehicular homicide as well as reckless driving and DUI.

Obviously this ruling can’t change the tragic fate of the officer, but maybe it will give a sense of justice for a man who dedicated himself to justice in Colorado.

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