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A recent vehicle accident in Colorado Springs is a reminder of the danger of distracted driving. The driver of a truck did not stop for a red light at the corner of Dublin Boulevard and Tutt Boulevard. The truck ended up crashing into a vehicle which was making a legal turn. A six-year-old was thrown from the vehicle, and the child along with three other passengers, including another child, were taken to the hospital for treatment.

None of the injuries were life-threatening and Colorado Springs police do not think alcohol or drugs impeded the driver’s operation of the vehicle. Instead, the driver of the truck was probably distracted by something.

Distracted driving is not a problem unique to this vehicle accident or even to just our area. According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, distracted driving is a contributing cause in roughly 16 percent of fatal auto accidents. Of course, as would be expected since they are inexperienced drivers, teens are among the worst distracted diving offenders. According to the study, teens are distracted almost a quarter of the time while they are driving. Although texting and talking on cell phones are often seen as the top teen distraction, for teens specifically, interacting with passengers was the top distraction which led to auto accidents with cell phone usage coming in a close second. Other distractions included looking at something in the vehicle, looking at something outside the vehicle, and reaching for an object.

Of course, it is important to note that teenage drivers are not the only ones involved in auto accidents where distracted driving was a factor. According to the study by the AAA, drivers in general spend over half of their time focused on things other than driving. When you are driving, to make it a safe experience, eliminate distractions. Pull off to the side of the road to make a phone call. Have a passenger send a text message for you. Do not attempt to eat your breakfast, put on makeup, and change the radio station all at once. Most people, whether they are willing to admit it or not, know when they are engaged in distracted driving. Avoid distracted driving, and you may also avoid a vehicle accident.

Sadly, even if you are a careful and attentive driver, you cannot always avoid an auto accident. If you find yourself in a car accident caused by an inattentive driver, contact us. Our Colorado Springs auto accident lawyers will work to get you compensation for your injuries and other damage caused by the wreck.