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The winter weather may be gone for the most part in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean the storms are. They are still causing problems throughout our state, and those problems affect automobiles both big and small. It certainly played a major role in a large-scale accident that occurred near Denver on Interstate 70.

The capital of Colorado has long been a stop for musicians as they tour the country, and musicians like to travel in style. Usually that means going city to city in large tour buses, but as auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs we know these vehicles are just as susceptible to bad weather.

Just last week, a dozen people were seriously injured when two tour buses slammed into one another on the interstate. It all started when one bus lost control on the roadway and slammed into the back of a tractor trailer. The bus driver along with eleven other people onboard the bus suffered a variety of injuries.

The accident didn’t end with the bus hitting the semi-truck, though. It continued out of control where it collided with another tour bus. Fortunately no one on that bus was hurt. A lot of the blame is being put on heavy fog which had been thick enough to divert several flights from the Denver International Airport that morning.

Our state will continue to be a cultural hotspot and music acts and other entertainers will always make us part of their nationwide tours. We just need to be conscious that with these visitors come caravans of large vehicles that can cause serious problems on our roadways.

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