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Driving is an activity which often requires patience. Whether you are stuck behind a slow driver, you have people who keep cutting you off, people are going out of turn at an intersection, or you encounter other issues which try your patience, driving sometimes requires waiting and not getting irritated when things are not going at the pace you would like.

Recently, a man riding a motorcycle was involved in a head-on collision. The man, according to witnesses, was going 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. He went around a car stopped in front of him, crossed into oncoming traffic, and ended up colliding with a pickup truck headed the opposite direction. The motorcyclist died, but there were no other injuries reported at the scene. Although all drivers are going to encounter times when they get irritated with other drivers or with the situation, there are a few things you can do to be a more patient driver.

Leave Early

Whenever possible, leave a little earlier than needed. This will help you to not feel rushed. Then, if you do encounter backed-up traffic or other conditions which make your drive take longer, you are less likely to feel rushed and in turn, you are less likely to get impatient with people or the situation. Then you will not feel the need to speed or weave around other vehicles.

Be Careful When Driving in an Emotional State

It is easy to allow an argument with a friend or family member to get you angry or annoyed. Be extra careful when driving if you know you are already in a highly emotional state. When possible, avoid having conversations which might stir up these emotions while you are driving. Whether the conversation is on your cell phone or with a passenger, try to save it for when you can concentrate on the conversation and when it will not affect your driving.

Be Aware of Traffic Conditions and Plan Accordingly

Be aware of any accidents, road construction, or other delays you may encounter along your drive. This could be especially important if you are taking a longer trip. You may need to plan alternate routes or leave either earlier or later than originally planned to avoid delays.

Of course, even if you are working to be a patient driver, not all of those on the road possess the same desire to be a safe and patient driver. Contact us if you are involved in an automobile accident. At Heuser & Heuser LLP, our Colorado Springs auto accident lawyers are there to help you fight for the money you desire after a wreck.